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  • PSA: Tiffany Riffer Soap Will be on Vacation November 15 - 21 and December 21 - 26

    Hello lovely clients (and prospective clients)! Please take note that I will be on vacation from November 15 through November 21, and again Decembe...
  • What you need to know about USPS' budget cuts

    In the era of COVID, more people are turning to online ordering to avoid going out and risk exposure.  Small handmade businesses are working hard to ensure you get the product you ordered, but USPS' budget cuts may interfere wit how long it takes for mail to be delivered.
  • Tiffany Riffer Featured in the Washington Business Journal's Off the Beat Series

    Tiffany Riffer was featured in the Washington Business Journal's weekly Off the Beat series on July 10.  To learn more about Tiffany and her business ventures, check out the Washington Business Journal article linked in this post.
  • The Case for Handmade Soap

    If you have ever asked yourself, "why should I buy handmade soap?" I have four reasons why you should switch to handmade soap right now!