Refund and Exchange Policy

Because of the nature of soap products, and for safety and contamination concerns, refunds or exchanges are available only if your order has not already been shipped.  If you require a refund or exchange prior to shipping, please contact me as soon as possible at or 202-370-1805 (leave a detailed message).  

Orders cannot be cancelled, refunded, or exchanged once they have left the possession of TRS, and have been picked up by USPS or dropped off at a USPS facility.

Please keep in mind that every nose is different and scents may be perceived differently per person. We do our best to describe the scents based upon the fragrance and essential oils that are used and descriptions given from the manufacturers. Also note that even unfragranced soap will have a slight scent due to ingredients used. No added fragrance or essential oils are added to the unfragranced soaps. On occasion, an unfragranced soap bar may absorb scent based on the soap surrounding it on the curing rack.

TRS reserves the right to cancel any unshipped order, including on the basis of suspicious or fraudulent activity.