What you need to know about USPS' budget cuts

In the era of COVID, more people are turning to online ordering to avoid going out and risk exposure.  There is nothing wrong with this, of course, but my only request is that we work on eliminating the "Amazon style shipping" mentality from small business fulfillment.  Small handmade businesses are working hard to ensure you get the product you ordered, but when the product leaves our possession the timing and duration of how long it takes the mail to get to you are no longer in our control.  

This is especially important given that the United States Postal Service recently received a major budget cut, which in turn affects nearly every aspect of its services and operations. This means sellers and customers of online small business retail need to be prepared for delays and lags in mail service.  

To read more about the budget cuts, and what it may mean for your orders, check out this link to the Federal News Network's article on the matter:



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