Terms of Service

By using and purchasing through this site, you acknowledge and agree to these terms of service, conditions and store policies. Tiffany Riffer Soap (“TRS”) reserves the right to change these terms at any time. 

REFUND POLICY: Because of the nature of soap products, and for safety and contamination concerns, refunds or exchanges are available only if your order has not already been shipped.  If you require a refund or exchange prior to shipping, please contact me as soon as possible at tiffanymakessoap@gmail.com or 202-370-1805 (leave a detailed message).  Orders cannot be cancelled, refunded, or exchanged once they have left the possession of TRS, and have been picked up by USPS or dropped off at a USPS facility. 

Please keep in mind that every nose is different and scents may be perceived differently per person. We do our best to describe the scents based upon the fragrance and essential oils that are used and descriptions given from the manufacturers. Also note that even unfragranced soap will have a slight scent due to ingredients used. No added fragrance or essential oils are added to the unfragranced soaps. On occasion, an unfragranced soap bar may absorb scent based on the soap surrounding it on the curing rack.

TRS reserves the right to cancel any unshipped order, including on the basis of suspicious or fraudulent activity.

PRE-ORDERS:  All soap on this site is made using the cold process method, which requires a cure time of at least 4 weeks. Some of the items displayed may be listed as a pre-order.  If you purchase a soap that is listed as pre-order, you understand and agree that, TRS will ship only after the date mentioned in the product description.  This is not only for your safety, but to ensure that the bar of soap you purchase will have a long lasting use life. 

MULTIPLE ORDERS: TRS does combine multiple orders and will refund excess charges. Flat-rate shipping applies to a single order only. TRS will make sure shipping charges are covered prior to refunding excess. Please leave a note that you have multiple orders pending so TRS knows to combine.

SHIPPING & HANDLING: TRS does charge a small handling fee for each order. This helps pay for packaging supplies needed to get your order to you safely. Additionally, TRS does pass on all commercial shipping rates. This is small business, and therefore TRS cannot provide Amazon-style shipping prices and time frames.  TRS does its best to figure shipping costs appropriately. TRS will refund excess shipping charges at its discretion. 

US CUSTOMER SHIPPING INFORMATION:  Shipping costs are determined by price and weight of the order. This helps to determine shipping by way of either parcel select or flat rate boxes. Packages with a value of $100.01 and up will require additional insurance. Orders of $100.01 and up will also require a signature confirmation. You may waive the fee for additional insurance and ask for this to be refunded to you. However, in doing this you accept full responsibility if something detrimental happens to the package. TRS will not refund or replace your purchase if you waive additional insurance.

USPS Priority Mail is a very reliable service. However, there are times packages can be misdelivered or go missing due to package theft. If you have any concerns whatsoever, please contact TRS and request a signature delivery for your order, no matter the amount of the order. This may require an additional, nominal payment. 

TRS currently does not ship to APO or FPO address. Orders that contain a different shipping address from billing address may be subject to review, in which case the customer will be contacted. This can delay shipping time.

Standard processing time for orders is 2-4 business days with a priority ship lane of 5-10 days depending on where you are located.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER SHIPPING INFORMATION: TRS is shipping worldwide.  So if USPS or UPS ships to you, then TRS does too!  You can double check by preparing a "fake order" in the shop and continue until you are able to enter your shipping information.  That will give you a total cost for your location, according to the weight of what you would like to purchase, so you can make a more informed decision about shipping rates.  We encourage you to educate yourself about extra VAT or customs charges applied within your country.  Many international customers may need to pay these extra fees before they can receive their parcels.  Be aware so that you are not caught off-guard by extra charges, or end up having your parcel returned to us because it sat too long "unclaimed" at your local postal service office.

CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL DUTIES, TAXES, AND FEES: Customer may be required to pay additional monies to accept the package in the destination country. If your package arrives but you do not pay for possession of your package, Tiffany Riffer Soap is not responsible to issue a refund for the package. Customer agrees to pay all additional monies and will take possession of the package within the necessary time frame. Furthermore, by purchasing, you agree that TRS is not responsible for the package once it arrives at U.S. Customs.  Moreover, TRS is not responsible for the package once it has been accepted by the USPS.  

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER SHIPPING IS OPEN FOR BAR SOAP ONLY:  If an international order contains products other than bar soap (i.e., lotion bars, deodorant), the customer will be contacted and the additional items will be cancelled. This is because international packages have extended transit times and holds.  Transit times can extend to 4 weeks or more.  This can be damaging to the products inside the package.  Products may sweat, or in the rare case, melt.  Scents will mingle, and humidity may cause damage to the packaging.  Unlike bar soap, which is very sturdy and can withstand high temperatures and retain its form, lotion bars and deodorant have lower melt points. Therefore it is in the best interest of my international customers and their satisfaction that this reasonable limitation be made. Thank you for your understanding. 

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING PRICES: It is difficult to accurately quote shipping prices. We ship flat rate but are limited by weight on International packages (4 pounds). Our products are heavy and bulky. This means that International shipping will be higher than domestic shipping. We will always refund excess shipping charges once our shipping and handling fees are covered.

Your package will ship USPS Priority International or UPS International unless arrangements are made otherwise. This service is very reliable but not without risk. These packages can have inconsistent tracking. If a package is damaged or goes missing, we are unlikely to be reimbursed by the USPS. For this reason, we reiterate that Tiffany Riffer Soap is not responsible for the package once it arrives at US Customs. 

LOST OR STOLEN PACKAGES: 1) If the package shows delivered to your address, but is missing you must report the lost package to the applicable carrier within 24 hours of the marked 'delivery'. (I.e., report it directly to UPS or USPS, and not Tiffany Riffer Soap).  Once you have reported your lost package to the carrier, and to the extent the carrier does not offer a resolution, TRS will file a claim for reimbursement of the cost of your order for you and will work with you to provide replacements for your order; TRS is not responsible for packages that are delivered to a wrong address due to an incorrect or incomplete shipping address provided by customer. TRS does not take responsibility for lost or stolen packages if the customer chooses to have their package shipped to a third party carrier - transport or courier company.

DAMAGED PACKAGES: Damaged packages are very rare but in the case you may receive one, contact Tiffany Riffer Soap within 48 hours of delivery confirmation to report any damages to your product, including photos depicting the damage. TRS is not responsible for damaged packages. TRS packs and ships its products neatly and securely - always and rarely encounters problems. TRS will handle filing a claim with the carrier, and TRS will work with you to provide replacements for your order.  TRS does not offer direct refunds unless or until the carrier grants the insurance claim.  Please contact us if you have any issues!

SALES TAX: TRS will automatically charge and withhold applicable sales tax for orders delivered to addresses within Washington, DC.  For orders shipped to other states, you are solely responsible for all sales taxes or other taxes to be paid to that respective state.

SOAP QUALITY AND PRICING: Not all soaps are created equally. TRS soaps are handcrafted and hand cut. Weights will vary from bar to bar and batch to batch. That is the nature of a handmade product. Most of TRS soaps will range from 2.5 ounces to 5 ounces  For simplicity, our prices are based upon lowest bar weight per batch, and generally $2 per ounce (or $1 per 1/2 ounce). Any soap weighing more is merely a bonus for the price paid. Handcrafted soap will continue to evaporate water and will continually lose weight. However, this makes for a finer, longer lasting soap bar despite the weight. 

ALLERGY WARNING: TRS uses a variety of ingredients in the listed products. All ingredients are clearly marked in the product description and label.  Please contact TRS if you have a specific allergy, and would like to know more about the ingredients used in the products.  TRS is amenable to making customized soap based on allergy needs.

GENERAL PRODUCT WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS: It is the responsibility of the user of the products to use the products properly. Always be aware of personal allergies and irritations. Spot test all skin products prior to full use. If any products cause irritation, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.