The Case for Handmade Soap

If you have ever asked yourself, "why should I buy handmade soap?" I have some answers for you! 

1. Natural Ingredients You Can Pronounce
I make all of my handmade soap, using the cold process method, by combining oil and sodium hydroxide (lye) from my kitchen. I customize each batch using different oil, color, and fragrance combinations.  I can pronounce all of these ingredients, and I know exactly where they come from.  Can you say the same about your store bought products?

2. Natural Glycerin Leaves Your Skin Feeling Hydrated
Did you know that most of the "soap" you buy at the grocery store is not really soap at all? That's because many major manufacturers of body wash products strip their products of glycerin and instead add in detergents, which leave your skin feeling dry. 
Glycerin is a natural by-product of handmade soap, and it attracts water from the surrounding air and helps draw moisture to your skin so it will stay hydrated throughout the day.  Ever since I stopped using store bought products, and switched only to handmade soap, I noticed my hands and body no longer have the dry, itchy feeling afterward.

3. No Laboratory Testing or Harmful Work Conditions
When you buy my handmade soap you can rest assured that none of my products will ever be tested on anyone but myself.  Moreover, this means that no humans (or animals) were harmed, impoverished, or subject to unsatisfactory work conditions.  There is no chemical run off, or environmental damage flowing from the ingredients I use. 

4. Supporting Small Business
Lastly, every purchase of handmade soap supports small business! I operate my soap business out of my home and every purchase you make not only brings joy to my heart, but allows me to continue serving you and others like you!

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