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Tiffany Riffer Soap's Charitable Giving Pledge 2021

Charitable giving has always been in my business plan, and with a fresh start to the year, I am happy to announce that I will be donating 10% of all sales to a different DC based organization each month. 

Check back every month for an update to this list, and a brief summary of the organization Tiffany Riffer Soap will be donating to: 

  • January 2021: Lydia's House in Southeast.  Frustrated by the lack of government support to address poverty, Eugene and Patrice Sheppard created Lydia’s House to provide social services, emotional support, and educational resources for families at every stage of the poverty cycle. Now a HUD-approved agency working with low- and moderate-income households in the District and Prince George's County to ensure that they obtain, maintain, and retain their housing choices, Lydia's House serves over 1,500 clients a year with pre-purchase workshops and counseling on home rental and ownership, money management, and foreclosure prevention. Financial education reaches hundreds of veterans. The Growing Children initiative combines technology, hands-on workshops, and mentoring for the younger set – girls 12-18 – to increase social and decision-making skills. Lydia's House also provides emergency rental and utility assistance, and food and clothing distribution, so it’s a full plate. Your philanthropy really makes a difference here.  
    • To learn more about Lydia's House, please visit
  • February 2021: Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project. Focused on cases in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, MAIP rigorously screens and investigates innocence claims from prisoners and their families. It then represents prisoners in court or files clemency petitions (pro bono, of course) – achieving one of the highest success rates of any innocence organization in the country. This work secures justice for the wrongly-imprisoned and serves the public by revealing that the real perpetrators of a crime are still at large. MAIP also leads a policy reform effort whose improved legislation can prevent wrongful convictions before they happen. 
  • March 2021: City Blossoms. For ten years, City Blossoms has been dedicated to transformation. It collaborates with community organizations, neighborhood groups, and schools to take unused or underused land and create urban gardens where children and youth use their creativity, intellect, and energy in new ways. Offering free and affordable in-school, after-school, and summer programming at 13 sites for children (toddlers to teens) who would otherwise have no access to green spaces, the focus is healthy living skills, artistic expression, environmental stewardship, and community development. Dozens of neighborhood organizations, thousands of volunteers, and over 45 schools have joined the greening effort, fostering healthy communities by developing creative, kid-driven green spaces and innovative resources. A new 32-recipe bilingual cookbook will encourage additional school and community leaders to incorporate gardens and healthy eating in unused spaces. Green thumb or not, you can help them grow.
  • April 2021: American Stroke Association.  On March 21, 2021, my brother in law passed away from a stroke at the young age of 50.  Although this charity is not DC based, I feel called to donate a percentage of this month's sales to the American Stroke Association in his memory. 
  • May 2021: Suited for Change. SFC provides low-income women with professional attire so that they can seek employment. But clothes are only the beginning. Clients include domestic violence survivors, homeless and immigrant women, and former offenders. More than 100 social service agencies refer these women to SFC because, along with new clothes, they gain confidence, dignity, and self-esteem. During free, individualized suiting sessions, women receive one-on-one mentoring and two full professional outfits in advance of a scheduled interview. Once they land the job, clients return to round out a full week’s wardrobe. Suited for Success Workshops offer training in soft skills like communication, conflict management, teamwork, and more, helping women to improve their job readiness and retain employment. Women begin to see themselves as professionals, many for the first time. Let’s show them we believe in them too.
  • June 2021: Rainbow Families. Rainbow Families supports, educates and connects lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) families, parents and prospective parents by offering a wide variety of education programs, support groups, opportunities to connect and more.  Rainbow Families is a volunteer led non-profit organization supported by members, community sponsors, private and public grants and foundations.
  • July 2021: Operation Second Chance. Founded by and for military families, OSC provides direct support to wounded service members in financial crisis – most of whom have experienced combat injury or illness but are awaiting the initiation of veterans' benefits. Assistance for essential expenses like rent, utilities, and mortgage payments helps prevent families from going into debt or losing a home. OSC also coordinates retreats, sports events, hospital visits, and more – boosting morale and helping veterans transition back into civilian life, reconnect with family, and build a network of peers. Referrals to other resources help meet additional needs, whether it’s counseling for post-traumatic stress disorder, or home renovations to improve wheelchair accessibility. And through Operation Giving Back, veterans and their family members can support OSC’s mission, working as paid interns to serve others like themselves.
  • August 2021: 
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